June 2019

The Day You Are Remembered

Yesterday I learned so much about the meaning of your presence in the eyes of another person. Thank you for those who remembered me. I never felt so blessed, grateful and valued as a humanbeing.

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My Highest Gratitude To These Artist For All Images Being Displayed Inside Banners Unsplash.comPukpikFikri RasyidNick Agus AryaSander WehkampDikasevaCok WisnuBayu SyaitsAnggit RizkiantoTbel AbuseridzeFahri RamdaniKukuh NapakiCristian GrecuAli YahyaMasjid Pogung DalanganGuillaume FlandreReinaldo KevinPeter HersheySteve LongShashank AcharyaBaehaki HaririKukuh NapakiAli...

Greetings To The World

When You Relates With Other Human Being: We Only Talk About Respect, Good Will, Empathy, Communication And Integrity. Hi There… My name is Patrick Nasution or mostly known as Patrick Nich. I am a Freelance...